Pulp Clarifying Cleansing Paste

Pulp Clarifying Cleansing Paste

This purifying cleanser with clean, crisp aromas of the Australian bush contains organic clays + fruits that are perfect for keeping oily + teen skins clear.

Pulp is your daily exfoliating cleanser for your face. This non-aggressive cleanser is suitable for oily skin types and will help to clear congestion and remove excess oils without stripping the skin.

It’s important to maintain a healthy balance of oil on the skin, as stripping the skin of all its oils will leave the skin exposed to bacteria and send it into overdrive, making it produce even more oil to try and protect itself. At the same time, excess oil on the skin will create a barrier against product penetration, leaving the skin feeling thick and clogged. Pulp will help balance and regulate the skin’s natural oil flow, while preparing the skin for extra Skin Juice nutrition.

Pulp is your healthy alternative to a foaming cleanser, as foaming cleansers contain harsh surfactants that will dry and irritate the skin.

It will give the same deep cleansing feel of a foaming cleanser, without the damaging stripping effects.
You will be able to feel tiny beads of bamboo deeply cleansing and refining excess oil for a clear and fresh feel.
Purifying organic clay is super absorbent and will help dislodge and refine blockages within the pores.
Essential juices from Australian blue mallee Eucalyptus and Native wild Lime help to fight off bacterial infections to protect the skin against breakouts and congestion.
Pulps warming ginger and sweet orange infusion help to heal the skin.
Lactic acids very gently and safely exfoliate, while Salicylic derived from Willow Bark dissolves trapped oil within the pores for a vibrant refined complexion.

Price: $79.95